Car Storage

Safely & securely store your car or other vehicle with our car storage solutions. Perfect for storing a car whilst you don’t need it.

Do you need to store your car safely for a while? Perhaps you’re going away for an extended trip and want to know it’ll be safe. Perhaps your family only needs 1 car for a while – but you’ll need it again soon enough that there’s no point selling up! Whatever the reason, we can safely & securely store your car, with easy access for when you want it back.

Caravan/Motorhome Storage

Caravans are great for the flexibility to holiday all over the UK (and indeed beyond if you hop on a ferry!). However, what do you do with them in the off-season? Leaving them on the drive or the street may not be the best option – for security or space. Give yourself peace of mind with our caravan storage – pick it up whenever you want!

Boat Storage

Boats are great fun in the tiny British summer, but where do you put them for the rest of the year? Expensive marinas and moorings can make boat ownership a real hassle not to mention a massive cost over long term use. StorEdge has the perfect solution for boat storage on our secure site, that is easily accessible from anywhere in the Scottish Central Belt.

**Power wash and vacuum available for all vehicles**

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