For all your business self storage needs look beyond the local warehouse to our stock storage solutions. You can rent storage space at affordable prices, with secure convenient access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Self storage units are perfect for all sizes of business. We can help the home retailer selling on ebay and Amazon, finally needing to move stock out of the garage (or living room, kitchen,  etc!), helping them to grow beyond the hobbyist seller or home business status.

For medium businesses who might have a website and a storefront, but not necessarily acres of their own space we provide a cheaper alternative to warehouses. We also work with larger businesses. For example furniture companies who have to order in bulk, weeks in advance and so won’t necessarily be able to book their order in when it arrives. We’re here to provide flexibility to your stock management – any excess or overstock and you can simply make use of a unit here at StorEdge.

Perhaps your busiest period of the year is coming up – use self storage to ensure you can take advantage of the increase in sales. Of course by ordering more you can also probably negotiate a lower per unit price too – it’s a win/win!

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