• What is self storage?

Self Storage is a convenient DIY storage solution offering clean, dry and secure units for homes and businesses to store whatever they need. Self Storage allows customers to have the peace of mind of a warehouse for their things but without any of the commitments and overheads. Customers can tailor the amount of self storage space they use reducing the need for large warehouses.

  • Do the units leak?

No. First of all our units are indoors, so they are unlikely to get wet let alone leak! Moreover, our units are brand new and are water-tight.

  • What about condensation?

The units are kept indoors so no matter how wet the weather is outside, moisture will not travels inwards. If the container is kept dry inside there will be no condensation as we have ventilation vents on all of our units. However, if someone brings a wet or waterlogged item into the unit, there may be condensation issues as this water is trapped in the unit. Please ensure all your items are dry before going into storage.

  • Are containers safe and secure?

While no storage is 100% impenetrable, padlocked shipping containers housed inside a double-skinned warehouse fitted with an intruder alarm and CCTV surveillance is not a bad start!


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